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This coming weekend is one of the most exciting events college students at Wichita State can enjoy! For $25 you receive all your meals for the weekend, fun activities, amazing people, and the opportunity to form some memories that you'll never forget!


Bishop Kemme visits St. Paul Newman Center

Bishop Carl Kemme celebrated the 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Masses at St. Paul Newman Center on Sunday (August 17).  The 10:00 a.m. Mass was the official Welcome Back Mass for the college students. The Church was overflowing and Bishop encouraged the college students in his homily to get active and involved, as this is intended to be their parish during these wonderful college years!  Afterward the Bishop joined over 180 guests for a brunch, awards ceremony, and activities fair.  At this point in the year, we have already registered a record number of college students.  In the evening, the Knights of Columbus (college Knights council) provided service in all the various liturgical ministries at the Mass, which was followed by their monthly Knight's meeting. 




Saturday Vigil Mass to be offered at the WSU Newman Center

After studying and reviewing the needs of the St. Paul University Parish, it has become abundantly clear that the community needs warrant the offering of a Saturday Vigil Mass.  Many of our parishioners (permanent community members, faculty and college students) have expressed the need for a Vigil Mass over the last few months and years.  Recognizing the tremendous growth of the residential aspect of the university, and the ever-evolving needs of the community, we are happy to announce that we will be offering an anticipatory Mass every Saturday.  We hope that this will help our Catholic Shocker Community to satisfy their obligation to attend Holy Mass on Sunday.

Starting August 23 a Saturday Vigil Mass will be offered at 4:30 p.m. 

Welcome Back Mass and Brunch August 17, 2014

Fr. Andy Walsh discusses how the Newman Center influenced his decision to discern the Priesthood.

Seminarian Darren Beckham of St. Paul Newman Center recently interviewed newly ordained Fr. Andy Walsh on the role the Newman Center played in his vocational discernment.
  • The Newman Center played a role in discovering your vocation, what about the NC helped with that decision?

At the Newman Center I found a welcoming community of young Catholics who centered their lives on Jesus Christ and who were strengthened by prayer and participation in the sacraments. What surprised me most about this young and dynamic crowd was their joy. I quickly made friends with many Newmanites and began participating in many activities including a men’s bible study, a rosary group, and a Crossroads retreat. The spiritual aid and fellowship I found at the Newman Center gave me strength and encouragement to pursue a priestly vocation.

  • What advice would you give others who are unsure of their vocation?

I would recommend making friends with fellow Catholics who desire to follow God’s will in their lives. This kind of support is important. Then I would encourage someone to pray and study the faith. Prayer could include: daily mass, daily rosary, praying with Scripture, adoration, etc. Study could include reading the Bible each day, reading parts of the Catechism, or any other book. Also frequent Confession is helpful to spiritual growth. All of these things will give strength to one’s faith and enable a person to follow God’s will with courage and generosity.

  • What did you like most about the Newman Center?

I loved the many activities that we did at the Newman Center, especially sand volleyball!

  • What role can the NC play in the life of every Catholic college student?

Belonging to the Newman Center during the important and formative years of college can provide a Catholic with a strong foundation through participation in fellowship, prayer, and service. It also provides an opportunity to build life-long friendships. I still remain close to many of the people whom I first met at the Newman Center years ago.

  • Now that you’re a priest, can you reflect on the ministry of the Newman Center?  Is particularly important to the ministry of the Church in Wichita?

Ministry to young adult Catholics is sorely needed in many areas including in the Diocese of Wichita. Often times we see Catholics in high school, either at one of the Catholic high schools or at parish groups, then the Church has no contact with them until they are ready to get married or wanting to baptize their children. When we have this large gap in ministry to young adult Catholics we miss an important opportunity. The Newman Center at Wichita State University helps bridge this gap and form strong Catholic equipped to have a positive influence on their families, on the Church, and even on society as a whole.

- Fr. Andy Walsh

Newman Center alum Fr. Andy Walsh Ordained

Fr. Andy Walsh Ordained May 24, 2014 for Wichita Click here to see all the Catholic Shockers in Formation

Freshmen Welcome Night

2nd annual Freshmen Welcome Night at Wichita State Newman Center, which is the Catholic Student Center on campus:

Monday, June 16 at 7:30 p.m.


-Free Barbecue

-Sand Volleyball

-Ultimate Frisbee

-Meet lots of college students

-And more!


See you there!  Dinner starts at 7:30


New Student Life Coordinator to Start at Newman Center

The Newman Center is excited to welcome our new Student Life Coordinator August 1, 2014.  Dave Witherow just completed a Theology degree from Benedictine College in Atchinson and will be joining the staff of the Newman Center.  We congratulate him on his graduation from college; and all of us, parishioners and college students, are excited for you to begin your new life here with us!


"My name is David Witherow and I am going to be your student life coordinator at the Newman Center this coming Fall. I will be graduating from Benedictine College with a Major in Theology and a Minor in both Spanish and Psychology on May 17th, five days from now. I've spent three years at BC, transferring from a community college in my sophomore year after saying goodbye to my family back in Virginia. Being the fourth of eighth kids means goodbyes are a lot quicker by the time it's your turn to leave the nest. The fact that I ended up at BC at all was a grace, as I had little direction going into college. That said, I can say with confidence that these past three years have been the most transformative and memorable years of my life. I already have a growing nostalgia for the place. Now this fall, I get to join you at WSU. I want these next years to continue to transform who I am, and I want to experience that with you. I want to make our time at WSU memorable. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you, and I mean that. Till then, God Bless." -David Witherow

"P.S. I ask that you keep me in your prayers over the summer as I work through Totus Tuus in the KC- St. Joe area and prepare to join you at WSU this coming semester. I'll be praying for you all."